Vision 7D is a leading concept of Skåne Hansa that we wish to spread. It can be easily passed to our clients, partner companies, and contractors. Application of this concept results in great optimization and coordination of cooperation and reduction of possible conflicts. If any inconsistency appears in the manufacturing process, our perfect documentation facilitates finding quick and efficient solutions.

We believe, that our approach to team making and our principles are the keys to develop responsible production, exquisite quality, and durability of our products, improvement of the new technology, and fruitful cooperation.


The first three dimensions relate to the accuracy of our work and realistic thinking. We focus on preparing our products with precision to a millimeter, so they can be easily and quickly assembled on construction sites.


Time control starts from the very first calculations and is present during all stages of production, including designing, production control, transport, assembly, final building inspection, and warranty period. Highly skilled staff, the newest technology, and constant control over the manufacturing process enable time reduction at every stage of the production.


In our projects, we have an ongoing cost control based on detailed calculations which allow us to respond immediately in case of budget overspend.


Quality control starts for us at the moment when an architect draws the first line of the future project. Our architects' team works with clients to set a quality checklist regarding documentation, materials, and works.


As a sample, our care for ecology focuses not only on the implementation of low carbon cement to precast concrete manufacturing but also on reducing the amount of steel, concrete, and other components in the production process. We also optimize the transport to reduce exhaust emissions and manage our construction sites with environmental responsibility. Ecology is our primary concern, for this reason, all efforts have been made to reduce the negative impact of precast concrete production, which we have given as an example, on the natural environment.


For example, all dimensions of our precast concrete production concept allow us to create technologically perfect and durable products. The durability is an effect of synergy and a result of both the actions and principles of Skåne Hansa.